Thursday, December 23, 2010


I have a few confessions to make.  I am kind of weird.  Okay not totally strange...I don't do OCD rituals before bed (like a certain someone I lived with for a semester...), but I have a few quirks that I don't think are "normal".  I wouldn't say this without giving evidence so here we go...

I can't wear my Wednesday socks on Monday
Okay...I know this sounds really childish, but I have these really cute polka dotted days of the week socks. I CAN'T wear them unless it is the appropriate day.  I don't know why...but I get this sense that I will have a horrific day if I wear the wrong pair. Weird...I know.

I am a HUGE hypochondriac 
I am not longer able to visit WebMD or watch Mystery Diagnosis (by choice) because I have this uncanny ability to convince myself I have every disease known to man.  I have been told that this is "common" when you get married or have children because you have a new/different type of love in your life. Not sure if this is true or not..?

There are many more things like when someone tells me to "drive safe," I can never say "I will."  It always has to be "I'll try."  Or the fact that I CAN'T  watch scary movies or even their previews.  Or the fact that if a trailer for one comes on tv, my fingers go in my ears while I sing, "LA LA LA" and frantically search for the remote to change the channel. Okay...I sound like a basket case. I'm really not THAT weird...I promise.  I am not sure why I am sharing this with the world (more like the 2 people that read my blog ), but it is kind of liberating to get these quirks off my chest.  Before now, only my husband knew how truly strange I can be, but maybe I am not alone..?

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  1. not alone at all ms. amy! i share your hypochondria AND the movie preview thing :P I always have to be holding the remote so I can change the channel if a scary one comes on :P haha