Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a loser!

I am happy to report that since last Saturday morning (one week) I have lost 4.4 L Bs!!!  I did this in the following ways:
  • Cutting out regular soda: This was never a problem for me until I met Warren.  Before him, I always went for the diet option if I was drinking soda.  Since him, I love Mountain Dew and Coke.  Not a terribly hard life change, but still important.  I still drink one diet A&W during lunch daily, but diet > regular when you are worried about empty calories and sugar.
  • Skipping on candy: I have a permanent sweet tooth.  My favorite candy ever is only available during Easter.  I couldn't get enough of those Cadburry mini eggs recently, but for now, I am saying no thanks to candy.
  • Saying Good bye to fast food/fried food: This was not something we ate regularly, but it was very easy to go that route when Warren and I were both tired and not in the mood to get in the kitchen.  This was especially a problem on the weekends when we didn't have a schedule to follow.
  • Portion control: Yes, I still eat all my favorites: chili/rice, baked spaghetti, tacos, bread, etc.  I just measure portions.  
  • Exercise!: I exercise six days a week.  Monday-Thursday, I wake up at 4:15 am to run 2-3 miles.  I also do stability ball workouts, light weights, and use an ab wheel. 

It's amazing what these changes can do for your figure. seems like common sense, but when you are busy, stressed, and tired it is way too easy to fall into the trap.  I never gained the "freshman 15" during my first year of college.  I did however, gain the "first year of teaching 15."  Maybe not quite 15...but more than I would ever want in the first place.  

I am not a crazy "dieter."  I personally feel that it is not realistic to follow a diet if it is not something you can do forever.  So if you feel like eating a candy bar? Fine. Just don't make a habit of it.  I feel exercise is the most important ingredient to success in being healthy. 

Stay tuned for more loser-like behavior :)

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